The Victorian Integrated Care Model

The Victorian Integrated Care Model (VICM) aims to improve the experiences of care and outcomes for patients with complex and chronic conditions through increased collaboration by health care providers at the local level.

Key features of the Victorian Integrated Care Model include:

  • using linked data to identify and analyse patient care pathways
  • building relationships between the health services, the PHN, and Health Care Homes
  • ensuring relevant information is shared between health services, the PHN, and Health Care Homes GPs
  • enhancing digital health capability of participating health services
  • project managers leading and supporting change management at health services.
Enhancing Digital Clinical Systems
Shared Patient Information
Linked Patient Health Data
Person Centred
Multidisciplinary Team Based Care
Change Management

This model builds on the Commonwealth’s Health Care Home reform in primary care, currently being trialled in the South Eastern Melbourne region. Stakeholder collaborative partners include: Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), South Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network (SEMPHN), Alfred Health, Monash Health, Peninsula Health, Health Care Home practices; and the Australian Disease Management Association (ADMA).