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Key for the above categories:

Service Summary is a summary of a social prescribing service with a community connector, link worker, wellbeing coordinator
Participant Story is a story or case study from a participant/s in a social prescribing service
Other includes activities, sign posting and other related services such as groups, clubhouses, community houses

MAP: A map of social prescribing services can be found by clicking here. This map notes social prescribing services with community connector

Services and Case Studies

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Participant Story | Campaspe Library Social Prescribing

Campaspe Regional Library Social Prescribing Service share a participant story.

Participant Story
participant story; social prescribing; council; library; community connector

Participant Story | North Richmond Community Health Social Prescribing Program

North Richmond Community Health share a participant story from the social prescribing program

Participant Story

Participant Stories | Castlemaine Community House

Castlemaine Community House Castlemaine share five participant stories

Participant Story

Participant Story | Living Our Best Life

A participant in the Living Our Best Life by Community Houses Association of the Outer Eastern Suburbs (CHAOS) shares part of his experience

Participant Story

Other | Heart Foundation Walking

Heart Foundation Walking: community-led walking groups initiative, aimed at improving public health and reducing the prevalence of heart disease among Australians


Other | Guided Park Walks Program Parks Victoria

Guided Park Walks Program Parks Victoria aims to increase participation in nature based walking. Volunteer-guided Park Walks provide an opportunity for physical activity and social connection


Other | Wellbeing Scripts System Building

Wellbeing Scripts System Building Central Highlands Association of Neighbourhood Houses Inc aimed to elevate the awareness of neighbourhood houses as community hubs for wellbeing, and support health practitioners to refer to neighbourhood houses to support health outcomes, decreasing the impact of social isolation and loneliness on individuals.


Other | Umbrella Dementia Cafés

Umbrella Dementia Cafés a network of informal and multigenerational community social groups for families and people living dementia


Other | The Safe Haven Cafe

The Safe Haven Cafe: after-hours cafe at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne for people seeking a safe space, a cup of coffee or tea and someone to chat to if required


Other | Stepping Stone Clubhouse

Stepping Stone Clubhouse: a community designed to support individuals affected by mental illness.
Guided by the Clubhouse International Model


Service Summary | Social Prescribing Bendigo

Social Prescribing Bendigo: was a pilot from the City of Greater Bendigo and Murray PHN for health professionals to refer patients who require low level support to connect with social activities in community.

Participants referred by a health professional can be connected with a Link Worker through City of Greater Bendigo that will assess interests and capacity in order to connect people with local activities. Capacity building for communities through support to develop groups or activ

Service Summary
Social Prescribing; Community Connection; Healthy communities; Community Connector

Other | ReMind Creative Prescribing Program

ReMind Creative Prescribing Program 8-week trauma-informed creative prescribing program by Makeshift for people in recovery from PTSD, depression, anxiety or chronic illness

Over 8 weeks, group participants explore a series of evidence-based creative practices, through the inspiring guidance of an experienced creative professional. This includes creative writing with an award-winning novelist, learning the ukulele with a performing singer and musician, learning drawing prompts from a M

creative prescribing, trauma recovery, creative first aid, self care, social connections, social prescribing,

Other | Reclink Free Sport and Art Programs

Reclink Free Sport and Art Programs for disadvantaged Australians to create socially inclusive, life-changing opportunities.

Reclink Australia provides evidence-based sport and art programs to disadvantaged Australians to create socially inclusive, life-changing opportunities. In partnership with more
than 450 community organisations, Reclink Australia’s programs create pathways to improved health and wellbeing, education and employment outcomes for all participants.


Other | ‘Photovoice’ Communication Group Calvary Health Care Bethlehem

‘Photovoice’ Communication Group Calvary Health Care Bethlehem 4 week program for families living with life limiting progressive neurological diseases such as Motor Neuron Disease and Huntington’s Disease

Photovoice is a communication group addressing the social determinants of health, specifically the communication and social connectedness of its participants. Photovoice
uses a participatory action research (PAR) methodology in which the participants share photos related t

photovoice, communication, social connection, participatory action research, social action, social prescribing, wellbeing, quality of life

Service Summary | North Richmond Community Health Social Prescribing Program

As part of the Community Empowerment and Development (CED) Program at North Richmond Community Health, the ‘5 steps to Connection’ is a social prescribing program

North Richmond Community Health (NRCH) is located in Richmond Victoria, 3km from the CBD. It is based on the Richmond Housing Estate (RHE), which is the
largest high rise public housing estate in Australia, with 5 towers and over 1000 2&3 bedroom apartments.

Following our large scale COVID respons

Service Summary
Codesign, isolation, loneliness, chronic disease, place based, community connector

Other | Nhill West Wimmera Health Service Social Prescribing Initiatives

Nhill West Wimmera Health Service Social Prescribing Initiatives include Café Health, Friends across the Ages, and Community Gardens

The Health Promotion team at West Wimmera Health Service has a number of projects underway which may be categorised as social prescribing initiatives. These include the Cafe Health, Friends Across the Ages, and Community Gardens. The team are also working to develop engagement with GPs and other clinicians to embed an understanding of the social determin


Service Summary | Living Our Best Life

Living Our Best Life in the City of Knox a partnership between the Community Houses Association of the Outer-eastern Suburbs (CHAOS), Temple Society Australia and the five Neighbourhood Houses to provide the role of volunteers as community connectors (link workers) to support a formal referral system. The model has been inspired by the work of Mendip Health Connections and Bromley By Bow Centre in the UK.

The Knox project, Living our Best Life, includes trialling the role of volunteers

Service Summary
community connector, talking cafe, community mapping

Service Summary | Living Well Ageing Well Merri Health

A pilot program to enhance social connectedness and community participation among people aged 50+ who may be experiencing, or at risk of, social isolation and or loneliness.  This may include the provision of information, resources, education, skills development in activities of daily living, short term case management, referrals for additional supports to decrease barriers to social engagement, use of community connectors to facilitate access to community participation, social groups and/or

Service Summary
Facilitated Access, Social Prescribing, Living Well Ageing Well, loneliness, social isolation, older adults

Service Summary | Improving Social Connections of Older Australians Project

The Improving Social Connections of Older Australians Project is involves health connectors, community connectors and community connector points.
In 2019, the Social Connectedness of Older People in the Hawkesbury pilot project held three Community Workshops in targeted areas of the region. Over one hundred professionals, volunteers and community members participated.
As a result of the workshop outcomes and committee guidance, three strategies were developed:
1. Training of

Service Summary
Loneliness, Social Isolation, Social Connection, Social Prescribing, General Practice, Health Connectors, Community Connectors, Mental Health

Service Summary | Hervey Bay Neighbourhood House Social Prescription

The Hervey BNC Connecting Communities is a three-year pilot program has been funded by the Queensland Government Communities Innovation Fund to help address social isolation and loneliness in the Fraser Coast Community.

Hervey BNC’s Connecting Communities Social Prescription program aims to support and empower every person to connect, participate, contribute and thrive in the Fraser Coast

Based on models developed in the UK, social prescribing is proven to imp

Service Summary
social isolation, loneliness, regional Queensland, social prescribing, neighborhood center, social engagement

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