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Video| City of Casey’s Link Worker program

The City of Casey’s Link Worker program has recently developed videos to build awareness and showcase benefits of the program.

The Link Worker Program plays a vital role in fostering community wellbeing by providing information and pathways between residents and community health services.

The promotional videos assist to demonstrate how the program can help residents and community health services obtain information, navigate complex systems, and connect residents to important

Communication and Promotion Material
link worker; community connector; council; promotion; awareness; video

Social Connection Platform | Incl connect with Volunteers | Dossy

Dossy: A Solution for Social Prescribing
Dossy’s mission is to enrich lives and combat loneliness by seamlessly connecting older individuals with their loved ones, caregivers, and a network of virtual volunteers. Dossy is an intuitive video-calling app which offers effortless installation, one-tap connectivity, and real-time availability indicators, making meaningful communication a breeze.

Key Features:
– Inclusive Design: An easy-to-use interface that is acces

Other (Tools And Resources)
social connection, social prescribing, community volunteers, family connect, community connect, Dossy

Video | IPC Health | Partnering to relieve strain on hospitals through social prescribing and prevention

The video shares the experience of collaborating with sector partners and consumers to implement social prescribing, and how collaboration puts power back in the hands of the consumer to improve their quality of life through prevention.
See below for video you tube link. And visit IPC Health at

This video is part of a presentation by IPC Health CEO Jayne Nelson for

Communication and Promotion Material
social prescribing; well-being; community health

National framework for social prescribing. A description of social prescribing in Wales and a plan of how to provide it throughout the country.

This document sets out the Welsh Government’s programme for government commitment for an NFfSP. It has been developed following a period of engagement with over a 1,000 stakeholders and responds to consultation exercise which explored a number of key themes. Includes sections on social prescribing in Wales, clarity around the model of social prescribing in Wales and the national framework.

Framework; social prescribing; social prescribing model

Information Flyer | What is Social Prescribing?

This flyer provides information on social prescribing as it relates to the Loddon Mallee region of Victoria. Developed by Bendigo Health Loddon Mallee Public Health Unit, it includes what social prescribing is; benefits; what is happening in the region; Victorian Department of Health’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Locals and steps to establish a sustainable social prescribing program.

Communication and Promotion Material
social prescribing; information sheet

Podcast | Campaspe Library Social Prescribing

Campaspe Library Service VIC Social Prescribing Library Podcast series

This series of podcasts discusses the social prescribing library at Campaspe Library Service. It includes interviews with referrers such as Echuca Regional Health and an Aged Care facility as well as participants and how they have benefited. Explains how it works and what it does and features Nerida Dye, Campaspe Shire Community Outreach Worker.

Communication and Promotion Material
social prescribing; podcast; outcomes; referrers; community connector


LiveUp: funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care. LiveUp is a site focused on helping people over 65 stay independent through healthy ageing. Provides healthy ageing guide and resources, personalised advice and suggested products, services and support in local area or online, includes information on ConnectUp online community, Village Hubs.

Other (Tools And Resources)

Connected Au

Connected Au is an organisation working to combat isolation and loneliness in at-risk populations. Provide connection, community, friendship. There are two programs to ensure that vulnerable people can access connection, community and companionship in a safe and monitored way.

Other (Tools And Resources)

Community Connector Framework and Model

Community Connector Framework and Model: Carolyn Wallace, Community Connector Framework,

The Community Connector Framework provides practitioners with a way to understand and talk about why some people are hardly reached by services and why collaborating with community connectors is one way of addressing this problem. There are four elements of the Community Connector Framework


Video | Engaging With Community Connectors

Engaging With Community Connectors: Carolyn Wallace YouTube.
Insights from a workshop at the IAP2 Conference October 2019.

Communication and Promotion Material
Community connectors; boundary spanning; social prescribing roles

Video | Community connectors crossing boundaries

Great potential can be unlocked if people from health and community services find and connect with their local connectors.
This video provides some examples of what connectors do, why they do it and their views on being more connected with health services.
Based on research funded by the Australian Research Training Program

Communication and Promotion Material
Community connectors; boundary spanning; social prescribing roles

Video | Nepean Blue Mountains PHN (NBMPHN) Health Connectors

Nepean Blue Mountains PHN (NBMPHN) Health Connectors (long version captions) YouTube

This video discusses the role of the Health Connectors within the Improving Social Connections for Older People initiative

Communication and Promotion Material

Video | Nepean Blue Mountains PHN (NBMPHN) Social Isolation (2021): Community Connector Points

Nepean Blue Mountains PHN (NBMPHN) Social Isolation (2021) VIDEO: Community Connector Points– YouTube

This video explains the community connector points within the Improving Social Connectedness for Older People initiative of Nepean Blue Mountains Primary Health Network

Communication and Promotion Material

My Health Connector

My Health Connector: for local health or lifestyle service in the Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury, Lithgow or Penrith areas.


Social Prescribing Assessment Tool

Social Prescribing Assessment Tool: West Wakefield Health & Wellbeing Ltd and South West Yorkshire Partnership Foundation Trust Review Sheet endorsed by UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

Assessment Tools

Indicators and Tools for Social Prescribing Evaluation (2023)

Mohammad S, Ho C, Hann J, Cheetu S, Zhang J. Indicators and Tools for Social Prescribing Evaluation (2023) MacMaster University.

Assessment Tools

Ask Izzy

Ask Izzy is a free service for people looking for support. Ask Izzy can help find nearby services including housing, meals, healthcare, counselling, legal advice, addiction treatment etc. It is free and anonymous, with thousands of services listed across Australia.

Directory; social supports

WHOWPR: World Health Organisation Regional Office for the Western Pacific. (2022). A Toolkit on how to Implement Social Prescribing.

WHOWPR: World Health Organisation Regional Office for the Western Pacific. (2022). A Toolkit on how to Implement Social Prescribing.
Social prescribing is a means of connecting patients to a range of non-clinical services in the community to improve their health and well-being. It builds on the evidence that addressing social determinants of health such as socioeconomic status, social inclusion, housing, and education is key to improving health outcomes.
This toolkit was created t

Toolkit, workforce, implementation

Ending Loneliness Together Directory

The Ending Loneliness Together Directory is a search tool developed in partnership with Infoxchange.
It is a national directory to find groups, organisations and services that will help you, or someone you know, connect with others and build meaningful relationships.


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