Primary & Secondary Prevention of Chronic Disease: Emerging Evidence

25 October 2013
Portside Conference Facilities
Symantec House, 207 Kent Street, Sydney 2000


NOTE: The information provided in the presentations below is not to be reproduced or used without the author's express permission.


Primary prevention of chronic disease: addressing risk factors across populations (6.18 MB)

Mr Jack Quinane, Acting General Manager of Policy and Research, Australian National Preventive Health Agency (ANPHA), ACT


Free radicals, a key link between nutrition, lifestyle & disease (2.24 MB)

Dr Ross Grant, CEO, Australasian Research Institute, NSW


The Application and Benefits of Mindfulness (1 MB)

Dr Belinda Siew Luan Khong, Director, Stress Reduction Centre in Australia Ltd (SRCAL), NSW


Oral Health and Chronic Disease (3.54 MB)

Prof Mike Morgan, Deputy Head, Melbourne Dental School, The University of Melbourne, VIC


Influence of Physical Activity & Sedentary Behaviour on Chronic Disease Management & Prevention (3.83 MB)

A/Prof David Dunstan, Head, Physical Activity, Baker IDI, VIC


Diet quality and depression in cihldren, adolescents and adults: New evidence supporting a preventative approach to mental illness (4.9 MB)

A/Prof Felice Jacka, Principal Research Fellow, Deakin University School of Medicine, VIC


The impact of sleep on health (3.85 MB)

Prof Ron Grunstein, Professor of Sleep Medicine, Central Clinical School, Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, The University of Sydney, NSW

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