Disease Management 2004 and Enabling Technologies in Ambulatory Care

Presented by Ambulatory Care Australia
9 - 10 September 2004
ZINC at Federation Square, Melbourne

Conference Proceedings PDF icon gif (PDF File 685KB)

NOTE: The information provided in the presentations below is not to be reproduced or used without the author's expressed permission.

DAY 1 - Plenary session

Framework and Working Model for the Implementation of Chronic Disease Management Programmes in Singapore - The First 3 Years of Experience

Dr Jason Cheah, Chief Projects Officer, National Healthcare Group Pte Ltd, Singapore

Case Management - Establishing its Patch PDF icon gif (PDF File 243 KB)

Mr Dan Hook, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Health Management Group, NSW

DAY 1 - Poster session

The Complexity of the Simplicity in Chronic Disease Management Programs PDF icon gif (PDF File 866 KB)

Ms Sue Daly, Manager Strategic Projects and Analysis, Office of the Director, Metropolitan Health Service Relations Branch Metropolitan Health and Aged Care Services Division, Department of Human Services, Victoria

Chronic Care Initiatives in General Practice - The Role of the GP & Practice Nurse Team PDF icon gif (PDF File 178 KB)

Ms Julie Porritt, Principal Advisor for Nursing in General Practice, Australian Divisions of General Practice Ltd, ACT

Disease Management Programs - Reviewing the Evidence PDF icon gif (PDF File 379 KB)

Ms Anastasia Hutchinson, Project Manager, Clinical Epidemiology & Health Service Evaluation Unit (CEHSEU), Melbourne Health, Victoria

A Survey of Household Costs of Serious Chronic Illness in Rural and Regional Victoria 2003 PDF icon gif (PDF File 109 KB)

Dr Christine Walker, Chief Executive Officer, Chronic Illness Alliance Inc, Victoria

A Comparison of Peer-Led and Clinician-Led Chronic Disease Self-Management Programs PDF icon gif (PDF File 506 KB)

Ms Maria Murphy, Research Fellow, The Northern Clinical Research Centre, The Northern Hospital, Victoria

NSW Chronic Care Program: Acheivements and Reflections PDF icon gif (PDF File 1.03 MB)

Ms Kym Scanlon, Associate Director, Chronic Care Unit, Inter-Government and Funding Strategies Branch, NSW Health, NSW

Anxiety Management in Clients with COPD PDF icon gif (PDF File 314 KB)

Mr Aaron Wales, Hospital Admission Risk Program, Bendigo Health Care Group, Victoria

Day 2 - Plenary session

Home Care at the Dawn of the 21st Century. What's the Difference? Advanced Technology Permits the Provision of Advanced Hospital Care in Patient's Homes (not available)

Dr Elias Papazissis, Director of Hospital at Home Department, Hygeia Hospital, Athens, Greece

HITH and Private Patients - How to Make it Happen PDF icon gif (PDF File 131 KB)

Ms Julie Marr, Assistant Director, Acute Care Strategies Branch, Australian Government Department of Health & Ageing, ACT

Hospital in the Home in the Australian Private Sector: Lessons from 5 years of Epworth Hospital in the Home PDF icon gif (PDF File 1.29 MB)

Dr Michael Montalto, Medical Director, Epworth Hospital in the Home, Victoria

DAY 2 - Poster session

Management of Intravenous Cannulae in Hospital in the Home: Appropriateness of Hospital Derived Protocols (not available)

Associate Professor Maxine Duke, Alfred/Deakin Nursing Research Centre, The Alfred, and
Ms Anne Sendall, Team Leader of the Epworth Hospital in the Home Unit, Victoria

Effectiveness of Pain Management in Hospital in the Home Programs (not available)

Associate Professor Maxine Duke, Alfred/Deakin Nursing Research Centre, The Alfred, and
Associate Professor Mari Botti, Director of the Alfred/Deakin Nursing Research Centre, Victoria

Patient-Centred Post Acute Care for the Client Undergoing Breast Surgery PDF icon gif (PDF File 719 KB)

Ms Wendy Pietras, Nurse Unit Manager, PACC, Westmead Hospital, NSW

The Effectiveness of Digital Imaging and Remote Expert Wound Consultation on Healing Rates in Chronic Lower Leg Ulcers in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia PDF icon gif (PDF File 566 KB)

Associate Professor Nick Santamaria, Principal Research Scientist, The Alfred and University of Melbourne, Victoria

Diabetes Self-Management makes a Difference PDF icon gif (PDF File 291 KB)

Ms Christine Crosbie, Project Manager, Hospital Admission Risk Program, Diabetes Cardiovascular Risk Management Project, Dandenong & District Division of General Practice, Victoria

Managing Outpatient Demand PDF icon gif (PDF File 243 KB)

Ms Sandy Capron, Area Manager, Outpatients and Patient Transport Services, The Alfred, Victoria

RDNS Home Medication Review Project - The Frankston Experience PDF icon gif (PDF File 99 KB)

Ms Fran Chambers, Project Manager, HARP/HMR Project Royal District Nursing Service, Victoria

Disease Management Needs in Residential Aged Care PDF icon gif (PDF File 245 KB)

Ms Julia Currell, National Manager Care and Standards – Aged Care, Primelife Corporation Limited, Victoria

Video Presentation - Worldwide Opportunities and Disparities in the Management of Chronic Disease PDF icon gif (PDF File 305 KB)

Dr JoAnne Epping-Jordan, Coordinator Health Care for Chronic Conditions (CCH), World Health Organization, Geneva

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