Working Towards Integrated Chronic Disease Management

8th Annual National ADMA Conference 2012

13 - 14 September 2012

Melbourne Convention Centre, Vic

Conference Program PDF icon gif (PDF File 631KB)

NOTE: The information provided in the presentations below is not to be reproduced or used without the author's express permission.


Day 1: Plenary sessions

The Quality and Safety Imperative for Involving Patients in Health Care Decisions PDF icon gif (PDF File 1859 KB)

Prof Michael Barry, President, Informed Medical Decisions Foundation, Medical Director John D. Stoeckle Center for Primary Care Innovation, General Medicine Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, USA

Panel Discussion: Shared Decision-Making PDF icon gif (PDF File 213 KB)

Panel: Prof Michael Barry, President, Informed Medical Decisions Foundation, USA; Dr Paul Bates, CMO, BUPA Australia; Carol Bennett, Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Health Forum; Julianne Badenoch, President, Australian General Practice Nurses; Toni Riley, National Councillor, Pharmacy Guild of Australia; Leanne Wells, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Medicare Local Alliance

Innovation and partnerships: The role of the NGO in tackling chronic disease PDF icon gif (PDF File 1008 KB)

Dr Erin Lalor, CEO, National Stroke Foundation

The Australian Diabetes Care Project PDF icon gif (PDF File 765 KB)

Dr Kevin Cheng, Project Lead for the Diabetes Care Project, McKinsey Company, NSW

Chronic Disease Management and Coordinated Veterans' Care (CVC) Program (not available)

Dr Graeme Killer, AO, Principle Medical Adviser, Department of Veterans' Affairs, ACT; Prof Malcolm Battersby, Professor of Psychiatry, Director, Flinders Human Behaviour Health Research Unit, Flinders University, SA

International Advances in Health Literacy - from individual patient empowerment to organisational accountability (not available)

Prof Richard Osborne, Chair in Public Health, Director of Public Health Innovation, Deakin University, VIC

Medicines Management in Chronic Disease PDF icon gif (PDF File 2,254 KB)

Prof Ines Krass, Pharmacy Practice, Sydney University, NSW


Day 1: Concurrent sessions

 Indigenous Health

Making a Difference: Chronic Conditions Prevention and Management for Aboriginal Clients in The Northern Territory PDF icon gif (PDF File 532 KB)

Liz Kasteel, Chronic Conditions Strategy Unit, Health Development, Department of Health, NT; Dr Christine Connors, NT Department of Health, NT

Health Improvements Associated with Chronic Condition Management and Self-Management in Aboriginal Communities in South Australia (not available)

Yvonne Helps, Flinders Human Behaviour Health Research Unit, Flinders University, SA

National Guide to a Preventive Health Assessment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples PDF icon gif (PDF File 721 KB)

Nikola Merzliakov, National Faculty of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, RACGP, VIC

Diabetes Mental Health

An Integrated Model of Diabetes Care Addressing Emotional Distress PDF icon gif (PDF File 94 KB)

Elizabeth Bongetti, Whitehorse Community Health Service, VIC

Comparisons of Outcomes Between Distressed and Non-Distressed Diabetic Patients Following a Hospital Based Lifestyle Change Program PDF icon gif (PDF File 142 KB)

Dr Nicki Gazis, HARP, Austin Health, VIC

Diabetes Awareness and Risk Assessment by Mental Health Workers PDF icon gif (PDF File 1304 KB)

Eileen Collins, Diabetes Education, Diabetes Australia-Vic


Evaluation of COPD Online: An Interactive Training Program for Primary Care Nurses PDF icon gif (PDF File 878 KB)

Judy Powell, Primary Care- COPD National Program, The Australian Lung Foundation

Translation into Practice of an Evidence Based Asthma Service in Community Pharmacy PDF icon gif (PDF File 145 KB)

Stephen Hughes, Faculty of Pharmacy University of Sydney, NSW

Breathing Easy: From Early Intervention Self Management to Complex Care, Delivering the Continuum of Care for Respiratory Disease PDF icon gif (PDF File 561 KB)

Jo Stanford, Community Health, Ambulatory Community Service, Eastern Health, VIC

Oral Health Physical Activity 

Self Report Physical Activity Assessment Influences Patients - Desire to be More Physically Active: A Special Case of Assessment Bias (not available)

Dr Steven McPhail, Centre for Functioning Health Research, Queensland Health and Institute of Health Biomedical Innovation and School of Public Health, Queensland University of Technology, QLD

A 7-Week Ambulatory Care Oncology Rehabilitation Program Improves Physical Function and Quality of Life in Cancer Patients PDF icon gif (PDF File 638 KB)

Delwyn Morgan, Oncology Supportive care, Eastern Health Ambulatory Rehabilitation Program, VIC

The Effect of Preventive Actions in Oral Care on Improved Health Outcomes PDF icon gif (PDF File 777 KB)

Alan Baldwin, Australian Unity Healthcare, VIC

General Practice

GP Management of Patients with a Chronic Disease Using Medicare Items and a Broadband-Based Service (Cdmnet) PDF icon gif (PDF File 300 KB)

Dr Kay Jones, Dept General Practice, Monash University, VIC

GP Management of Patients with a Chronic Disease Using Medicare Items and a Broadband-Based Service (Cdmnet) - Patients' Perspectives PDF icon gif (PDF File 378 KB)

Dr Kay Jones, Department of General Practice, Monash University, VIC

GP Plus Nurses-Growing an Innovative Model (not available)

Dr Chris Bollen, Adelaide North East Division of General Practice, SA

Mental Health Nursing in General Practice - A New Paradigm PDF icon gif (PDF File 1,389 KB)

Meni Stefanovski Josephine Tan, Banyule Community Health, VIC


Health Literacy is Inversely Proportional to Re-admissions in Patient with Heart Failure - A Pilot Study. PDF icon gif (PDF File 1,131 KB)

Hwei Khien Lee, Heart Failure Service, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore

Screen-Hf - SCReening Evaluation of the Evolution of New Heart Failure: a study in the early Detection of Chronic Heart Failure PDF icon gif (PDF File 1,246 KB)

Dr Umberto Boffa, Medical Services, Bupa Australia

Improving Adherence In Cardiovascular Care PDF icon gif (PDF File 2,780 KB)

Rebecca Lee, National Heart Foundation of Australia

How Best to Deliver Health Coaching for Those with Chronic Heart Disease PDF icon gif (PDF File 877 KB)

Dr Stan Goldstein, Clinical Advisory, Bupa Australia


Evaluation of The Ontrack Diabetes Program: An Automated Web-Based Type 2 Diabetes Self-Management and Mood Intervention. PDF icon gif (PDF File 2,392 KB)

Mandy Cassimatis, Queensland University of Technology, QLD

Review of a Telephone Based Self-Management Program for Type 2 Diabetes PDF icon gif (PDF File 638 KB)

Cate Grindlay, Remedy Healthcare Group, VIC

Factors Contributing to the Development of Team Care Arrangements for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes PDF icon gif (PDF File 344 KB)

Dr Leelani Wickramasinghe, Dept General Practice, Monash University, VIC

Implementing a Diabetes Foot Service in the West: The First Year PDF icon gif (PDF File 748 KB)

Julia Firth, Diabetes Foot Service, Western Health, VIC


Help Yourself Online - An Online Lifestyle Program to Support Cardiac Patients - Self-Management (not available)

Dr Rosemary Higgins, Heart Research Centre, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, VIC

Telephonic Support for Osteoarthritis PDF icon gif (PDF File 629 KB)

Megan Hammersley, Medibank Health SolutionsTelephone Online Services, Wollongong, NSW

Stepping Up: A Web-Based Self-Management Intervention for People with Musculoskeletal and Mental Health Conditions PDF icon gif (PDF File 1,810 KB)

Dr Sarity Dodson, Public Health Innovation, Deakin University, VIC

Chronic Condition Self-Management, Responsibility and Empowerment: Concepts in Practice PDF icon gif (PDF File 326 KB)

A/Prof Sharon Lawn, Flinders University, SA

State Based Chronic Disease Management Initiatives

Models of Care and Funding PDF icon gif (PDF File 1,203 KB)

Chris Shipway, A/Director Chronic Disease, NSW Department of Health

Improving Service Access for Disadvantaged People with Chronic Disease : A Tale of Two Sectors (not available)

Kim Marr Diana Herd, Department of Health, VIC

Indigenous Health Initiatives

Improving Systems for Chronic Disease Management in Remote Central Australia PDF icon gif (PDF File 4,602 KB)

Dr Gary Sinclair, ICT Chronic Disease Management, Central Australia Remote Health, Department of Health, NT

Chronic Condition Management Strategies in Aboriginal Communities: Successes and Enablers PDF icon gif (PDF File 1,204KB)

Yvonne Helps, Flinders University Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia


Day 2: Breakfast Seminar

The Electronic Health Record and Chronic Disease Management PDF icon gif (PDF File 5,230 KB)

Dr Mike Bainbridge, Programme Clinical Lead (e-health Implementation), NEHTA Sydney Australia, AdjProf Clinical Informatics, University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Bringing it all together: how current eHealth initiatives could transform Chronic Disease Management PDF icon gif (PDF File 3,434 KB)

Prof Michael Georgeff, Founder Chief Executive Officer, Precedence Health Care; Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Monash University, VIC

E health book: the Medibank case study PDF icon gif (PDF File 695 KB)

Dr Roshmeen Azam, Head of Clinical Quality, Medibank Health Solutions, Mental Health, Chronic Disease Management Health Coaching Groups

Overview of the US Approach to Stimulating Health IT Adoption and the Implications for Chronic Care PDF icon gif (PDF File 705 KB)

A/Prof Julia Adler-Milstein, School of Information Health Management and Policy, School of Public Health, University of Michigan, USA

Day 2: Plenary sessions

Health Reform: Setting an Agenda for Integrated Care at a National Scale PDF icon gif (PDF File 2,086 KB)

Dr Lynne Maher, Director for Innovation and Design, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, UK

Health Reform: What can Australia Learn from the NZ Experience (not available)

Stephen McKernan, past Director-General of the Ministry of Health, NZ, Managing Partner, Health Partners Consulting Group Ltd

Health Reform: Medicare Locals and Primary Health Reform PDF icon gif (PDF File 1,691 KB)

Martin Wilkinson, Director - Primary Care and Clinical Services, Inner East Melbourne Medicare Local
Jason Trethowan, Chief Executive Officer, Barwon Medicare Local, VIC

New Workforce Models of Care for Chronic Disease (not available)

Prof Peter Brooks, Director, Australian Health Workforce Institute, The University of Melbourne, VIC

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and Type 2 Diabetes - A Sleeping Giant (not available)

Prof Paul Zimmet, Director Emeritus Director International Research, Victor Smorgon Diabetes Centre, Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Adjunct Professor, Harvest Alliance School for Indigenous Health, Monash University

Evaluation of an Australian DM Program for Complex Co-morbid Patients (not available)

Dr Marco Bonollo, Alfred Health and Monash University, VIC
A/Prof Ariel Linden, Department of Health Management Policy, School of Public Health, University of Michigan and Linden Consulting Group, USA

The Victorian Community Health Indicators Project PDF icon gif (PDF File 458 KB)

Alison Brown, Clinical Governance Consultant, Australian Centre for Health Care, Victorian Healthcare Association
Tony Triado, Senior Project Officer, Department of Health , Vic

Working Toward Integrated Care: State Initiatives, Perspectives and Future Directions

ACT presentation (not available)

A/Prof Paul Dugdale, Director, ANU Centre for Health Stewardship Chronic Disease Management, ACT Health

NSW presentation PDF icon gif (PDF File 677 KB)

Dr Nigel Lyons, Chief Executive, Agency for Clinical Innovation, NSW Health


Day 2: Concurrent sessions

Workforce Training Education

Developing a Self Management Practice Assessment Tool for Clinicians PDF icon gif (PDF File 263 KB)

Elizabeth Jewson, Early Intervention and Co-ordinator Chronic Care, HealthWest Partnership, VIC

Transferring Training into Practice: Lessons Learned and Tips for Managers Implementing Self-Management Support into Clinical Practice and Programs PDF icon gif (PDF File 1,408 KB)

Janette Gale, Health Change Australia, NSW

Developing the Allied Health Assistant Workforce in Acute and Sub-Acute Hospitals - A Model of Quantifying Allied Health Assistant Work (not available)

Lisa Somerville, Allied Health, Alfred Health, VIC

Veterans Elderly

Coordinated Veterans - Care for Better Chronic Disease Management PDF icon gif (PDF File 548 KB)

A/Prof Sharon Lawn, Flinders Human Behaviour Health Research Unit, Flinders University, SA

On the Waitlist for a Community Aged Care Package: Outcomes for Care Recipients and Impact on Care Recipients and Carers after 12 Months PDF icon gif (PDF File 667 KB)

Dr Delwyne Stephens, Victorian Rehabilitation Centre, VIC

Effectiveness of Home Based Interventions in Reducing Unplanned Hospital Readmissions Among Elderly - A Systematic Review PDF icon gif (PDF File 850 KB)

Audrey Liew, Agency of Integrated Care, Singapore

Integrating Care

This Goes with That: Connecting Care Co-ordination Linking and Lessons Working Together Medicare Local and ISLHD PDF icon gif (PDF File 555 KB)

Simone Jones, Integrated Chronic Disease Stream, Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District, NSW

Integrating Local Health District and Medicare Local Staff Leads to Good Outcomes for the Patient with Chronic Disease PDF icon gif (PDF File 1,036 KB)

Louise Broudou, SWSLHD - Connecting Care Program, NSW

The Coach Program Delivered from Queensland Health's Health Contact Centre Improves Coronary Risk Factors and Adherence to Recommended Medications in Indigenous Queenslander PDF icon gif (PDF File 1,802 KB)

A/Prof Margarite Vale, The COACH Program The University of Melbourne

Impact on Hospitalisations

Enhancing Quality Care with Continuous Support Service Provisions for Patients with Psychiatric Conditions in a Tertiary Hospital in Singapore (not available)

Rosemary Tan, Case Management Unit, Institute of Mental Health, Singapore

Chronic Disease Community Program (CDCP): Co-ordination of Risk Factor Management for Patients Post Transient Ischaemic Attack in Southern Adelaide PDF icon gif (PDF File 430 KB)

Kathy Molluso, Chronic Disease Community Program, Health Care Transitions, Primary and Subacute Division, Southern Adelaide Local Health Network, SA

Impact of a Chronic Disease Management Program on Hospital Admissions and Readmissions in an Australian Population with Heart Disease or Diabetes (not available)

Dr Linda Swan, Healthways Australia; Dr Andrew Cottrill, Medical Director, HCF

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