Evidence-based Disease Management in the 21st Century

2nd Annual National ADMA Conference

7 - 8 September 2006
Melbourne Crown Promenade


Conference Proceedings PDF icon gif (PDF File 430KB)

NOTE: The information provided in the presentations below is not to be reproduced or used without the author's express permission.


Day 1: Plenary sessions

Evidence based disease management - chronic care models in action in Counties Manauka PDF icon gif (PDF File 2605 KB)

Dr Gary Sinclair, Clinical Director Primary Care and CCM, Counties Manukau NZ


A review of the evidence for the value of home monitoring in chronic disease management PDF icon gif (PDF File 348 KB)

Prof Richard Wootton, Director Research, Centre for Online Health, Uni of Queensland


Chronic Disease Management in the Australian Community Setting: Evaluation Using Cross - Jurisdictional Record Linkage (not available)

Dr David Preen, Research Fellow, School of Population Health, Uni of Western Australia


The COACH Program: an evidence based, telephone delivered, disease management program proven to reduce hospital admissions in patients with coronary heart disease PDF icon gif (PDF File 516 KB)

Dr Margarite Vale, Director, COACH Program, Dept Cardiology and Uni of Melbourne Dept Medicine, St Vincents Hospital VIC


Day 1: Concurrent sessions

Using an e-disease management system to remotely monitor mental health after a natural disaster: experiences from an innovative trial (not available)

Dr Robin Harvey, Research Manager, Sentiens Pty Ltd


Community based interventions for secondary stroke prevention - what are the elements that work? PDF icon gif (PDF File 147 KB)

Dr Jacques Joubert, Neurologist, Melbourne Health and National Ageing Research Institute


How to get executive buy in? Demonstrating the savings of Ambulatory Care and Disease Management in WA PDF icon gif (PDF File 231 KB)

Dr Shirley Bowen, Executive Director Population Health and Ambulatory Care, North Metropolitan Area Health Service, WA DOH


Role of call centres in disease management - a review of the literature PDF icon gif (PDF File 253 KB)

Dr Andrew Wilson, Co-President, McKesson Asia-Pacific Pty Ltd


Impact of a community based multidisciplinary chronic heart failure program on hospital admissions in complex elderly patients PDF icon gif (PDF File 818 KB)

Ms Peita Price, CHF Community Nurse, Moreland Community Health Centre


Optimising the potential impact of care coordinating models for people with chronic and complex conditions PDF icon gif (PDF File 49 KB)

Dr Deborah Roberts & Dr Catherine Joyce, Dept Epidemiology & Preventive Medicine, Monash Uni


Managing chronic disease and the remote monitoring of health status of the elderly at home

Presentation PDF icon gif (PDF File 2262 KB)

Prof Branko Celler, Director Laboratory Health Informatics and Head School of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications, Uni NSW

Presentation PDF icon gif (PDF File 366 KB)

Ms Janette Gogler, Austin Health VIC


Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Disease - a unique community linkage service PDF icon gif (PDF File 732 KB)

Ms Karen Thomas, Perth and Hills Division of General Practice WA


Evaluating a statewide chronic care program - was there an improvement? PDF icon gif (PDF File 215 KB)

Ms Poppy Doungkamol Sindhusake, Centre for Health Services Research, Western Sydney Area Health Service & School Population Health, Uni of Sydney


Multicultural Information on Depression online (MIDonline): Development and evaluation of a multilingual depression information website PDF icon gif (PDF File 295 KB)

Dr Litza Kiropoulos, Research Officer, Dept General Practice, Monash Uni


Are Chronic Heart Failure Management Programs optimising patient outcomes? PDF icon gif (PDF File 272 KB)

Ms Andrea Driscoll, PhD Candidate, NHMRC Scholar, Deakin Uni


National online disease management survey PDF icon gif (PDF File 246 KB)

Mr Bobby Amin, Research Assistant, Dept Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, Monash Uni


The emergence of Tai Chi as an acceptable and effective exercise approach in improving health outcomes for older people PDF icon gif (PDF File 312 KB)

A/Prof Keith Hill, Director, Preventive and Public Health Division, National Ageing Research Institute


Selective outcomes from a respiratory coordinated care program (RCCP) providing community based interventions for COPD patients for 2005 PDF icon gif (PDF File 334 KB)

Mr Nick Spiliopoulos, NUM, The Respiratory Coordinated Care Program, St George Hospital


Internet based approaches to behaviour change in disease prevention and management PDF icon gif (PDF File 1912 KB)

Dr Michael McCoy, Managing Director, Fitness2Live VIC


Integrative and complementary approaches to the management of chronic diseases? PDF icon gif (PDF File 562 KB)

Dr Vicki Kotsirilos, GP and Past Founding President, Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (AIMA)


Keeping track of diabetes - measuring outcomes of a pilot diabetes disease management program in a private health insurance population PDF icon gif (PDF File 591 KB)

Ms Virginia Hagger, Director Education, International Diabetes Institute & Ms Julie Andrews, Manager, Health Development Unit, Medibank Private


Workplace health and productivity management as a serious economic strategy PDF icon gif (PDF File 128 KB)

Dr Shirley Musich, Director, Health and Productivity Research Centre, Wollongong Uni


The getting around gracefully program PDF icon gif (PDF File 479 KB)

Mr Robert Webb, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Moreland Community Health Service


Diabetes Direct Delivers PDF icon gif (PDF File 443 KB)

Ms Jacinta Collins, Project Manager, Northern Division of General Practice


Future trends in corporate healthcare (not available)

Dr Jonathon Orelowitz, Director, Healthlogix Pty Ltd


Integrative medical approaches to primary and secondary prevention of cardiac disease PDF icon gif (PDF File 226 KB)

Dr Gary Deed, Medical Practitioner, Integrative Medicine Your Health, Brisbane


Snakes and ladders: the challenges and triumphs of improving diabetes care in Melbourne's west PDF icon gif (PDF File 1266 KB)

Ms Naomi Kubina, Project Officer, WestBay Alliance Newport


Evidence based care and prioritisation of people waiting for elective hip and knee replacement surgery: the new Victorian management and prioritisation system PDF icon gif (PDF File 515 KB)

Ms Catherine Jones, Centre for Rheumatic Diseases, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Uni of Melbourne


Day 2: Plenary sessions

Closer to Home - Shifting Care in England PDF icon gif (PDF File 357 KB)

Mr Alan Doran, Director General, Departmental Management, Department of Health, UK


Chronic Disease Prevention and Treatment - cost benefit model systems to assist with priority setting PDF icon gif (PDF File 506 KB)

Prof Jim Butler, Australian Centre for Economic Research on Health, Australian National Uni ACT


CLIMATE.tv chronic care without tears PDF icon gif (PDF File 1546 KB)

Prof Gavin Andrews, WHO Collaborating Centre, Uni NSW at St Vincents Hospital NSW


Sustaining chronic disease management in remote Aboriginal Communities PDF icon gif (PDF File 291 KB)

A/Prof John Wakerman, Director, Centre for Remote Health, Flinders Uni


Chronic Disease - A Head on Tackle PDF icon gif (PDF File 265 KB)

Ms Linda Powell, Assistant Secretary, Chronic Disease and Palliative Care Branch, Dept of Health and Ageing, ACT


Canadian Perspectives on disease management (not available)

Dr Peter Sargious, Medical Leader, Chronic Disease Management, Calgary Health Region, Canada


Day 2: Concurrent sessions 

Auditing Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs - Pitfalls and Pluses PDF icon gif (PDF File 181 KB)

Ms Narelle Wilson, Royal Perth Hospital


Are chronic disease self management programs generalisable across conditions? PDF icon gif (PDF File 526 KB)

Ms Virginia Hagger, Director Education, International Diabetes Institute


Diabetes PDF icon gif (PDF File 307 KB)

Mr Lance Emerson, Director Programs & Professional Development, The Pharmacy Guild of Australia and Mr Brendan O?oughlin, St Ives Pharmacy, Sydney


Who benefits most from participating in chronic disease management programs? PDF icon gif (PDF File 202 KB)

Ms Sandra Nolte, Collaborative Institute Research, Consulting and Learning in Evaluation, RMIT Uni & AFV Centre for Rheumatic Diseases, Uni of Melbourne


Asthma PDF icon gif (PDF File 238 KB)

Prof Carol Armour, Pharmacy Faculty, Uni of Sydney and community pharmacy specialist in Guild Asthma Program NSW


Chronic Disease Self Management programs - what is the evidence? PDF icon gif (PDF File 72 KB)

Ms Sharan Ermel, Research Assistant, Collaborative Health, Education and Research Centre (CHERC) Bendigo Health Care Group


Smoking Cessation (not available)

Ms Jenny Bergin, Chief Pharmacist, The Pharmacy Guild of Australia and community pharmacist specialist smoking cessation programs


To integrate or not to integrate? Future considerations for chronic disease self management programs in the healthcare system PDF icon gif (PDF File 241 KB)

Ms Joanne Jordan, AFV Centre for Rheumatic Diseases, Uni of Melbourne


Improving care for people with osteoarthritis: implementation and evaluation of a multi-disciplinary osteoarthritis service at Royal Melbourne Hospital PDF icon gif (PDF File 877 KB)

Dr Caroline Brand, Director Clinical Epidemiology and Health Service Evaluation Unit, Melbourne Health


Acceptability, impact and sustainability of the national pilot quality assurance system for self management programs PDF icon gif (PDF File 204 KB)

Ms Joan Nankervis, AFV Centre for Rheumatic Diseases, Uni of Melbourne


Improving mobility in patients with Parkinsons Disease (not available)

Prof Meg Morris, Director Allied Health Clinical Research at Southern Health RASP and Prof Physiotherapy at Uni of Melbourne


The Australian experience of telephonic disease management - a new mode of delivery (not available)

Ms Julie Muir, Disease Management Team Leader, McKesson Asia Pacific


Managing the medications: impact of a clinical pharmacist in a disease management unit PDF icon gif (PDF File 380 KB)

Ms Robyn Stell, Pharmacist, The Alfred, Melbourne

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