Partnerships for Chronic Care: Patients, Services, Policy

7th Annual National ADMA Conference 2011

25 - 26 August 2011

National Convention Centre, Canberra, ACT

Conference Program PDF icon gif (PDF File 610KB)


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Day 1: Plenary sessions

DISMEVAL: A Study on Disease Management Evaluation in Europe PDF icon gif (PDF File 1333 KB)

Prof Bert Vrijhoef, Professor of Care for the Chronically Ill Maastricht University Medical Center, The Netherlands

Innovative Technologies for CDM PDF icon gif (PDF File 1610 KB)

Dr David Hansen, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Theme Leader, E-Health, Principal Research Scientist, Australian  e-Health Research Centre

Osteoarthritis Management Needs a Paradigm Shift PDF icon gif (PDF File 3190 KB)

Prof David Hunter, University of Sydney, NSW

Private Health Insurance and Chronic Disease Management Panel Discussion

Ron Penny PDF icon gif (PDF File 32 KB) Stan Goldstein PDF icon gif (PDF File 758 KB) Andrew Cottril PDF icon gif (PDF File 241 KB)

Moderator: Prof Ron Penny

Panel: Dr Andrew Cottrill, HCF; Dr Matthew Cullen, Medibank Health Solutions; Dr Stan Goldstein, BUPA; Amanda Hagan, Australian Unity

Evaluation of COACH in the Public and Private Sectors PDF icon gif (PDF File 1454 KB)

A/Prof Margarite Vale, Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, The University of Melbourne, Managing Director, The COACH Program.

Chronic Disease Management in Victoria PDF icon gif (PDF File 612 KB)

Prof Chris Brook, Executive Director, Wellbeing, Integrated Care and Ageing, Victorian Department of Health, VIC

Health Literacy: Medicines Health Literacy PDF icon gif (PDF File 2,136 KB)

Dr Danielle Stowasser, Clinical Advisor, Quality Use of Medicine Programs, NPS

The Consumer Perspective on Health Literacy PDF icon gif (PDF File 958 KB)

Carol Bennett, CEO, Consumers Health Forum of Australia CHF


Day 1: Pre-conference presentations

One Deadly Step PDF icon gif (PDF File 2,386KB)

Lachlan Wright, Senior Project Officer, Chronic Care for Aboriginal People, NSW Health

Post-Catastrophic Intervention from a Distance for the Assessment and Management of Disease Onset PDF icon gif (PDF File 3,621 KB)

Dr Dennis Tannenbaum, CEO, Sentiens, WA

Consolidating Perspectives on the Evaluation of Self-Management Tools PDF icon gif (PDF File 556 KB)

A/Prof Paul Dugdale, Director, ANU Centre for Health Stewardship & Chronic Disease Management, ACT Health, and
Rebecca Taylor, Postdoctoral Fellow, ANU Centre for Health Stewardship, ACT


Day 1: Concurrent sessions

Connecting Care: Chronic Disease Management in NSW

Connecting Care in NSW PDF icon gif (PDF File 486 KB)

Susan Burke, Chronic Disease Management Office, NSW Health

Complex Care Coordination Central Coast Local Health Network (CCLHN) PDF icon gif (PDF File 2,200 KB)

Alison Austen & Nicole McDonald, Complex Care Co-ordination Team and Ongoing and Complex Care Department, Central Coast Health Network, NSW

Making Connections: People, Disease and Care - The Journey so Far PDF icon gif (PDF File 1,338 KB)

Paul van den Dolder, Chronic Disease Management Office NSW Health.

Partnerships in Chronic Care

Patients and Clinicians Working in Partnership: Patient-As-Professional PDF icon gif (PDF File 442 KB)

Rebecca Taylor, Centre for Health Stewartship, The Australian National University, ACT.

Partnerships in Action to Address Chronic Disease: The Looma Story PDF icon gif (PDF File 356 KB)

Genevieve Stone & Ernie Bridge, Chronic Disease/Self Management, WA Country Health Service, WA

Optimal Asthma Service Delivery for Patients in Community Pharmacy PDF icon gif (PDF File 1,419 KB)

Prof Carol Armour, Pharmacy, Medicine & Woolcock Institute, University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW

Patient Centred Self-Management Models

LUNGS IN ACTION: Maintaining Exercise Capacity in Clients With COPD Post Completion of Pulmonary Rehabilitation PDF icon gif (PDF File 1,208 KB)

Heather Allan, COPD National Program, Australian Lung Foundation, QLD

Patient-centred Continuum of Care and Self-management Support for People with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) PDF icon gif (PDF File 833 KB)

Helen Cameron-Tucker, Menzies Research Institute Tasmania, University of Tasmania

Review of Telephone Based Self management Programs for Patients with Osteoporosis PDF icon gif (PDF File 1,326 KB)

Cate Grindlay, Remedy Healthcare, VIC

Health Coaching

Eight Years on and Still effective: CHD risk factor Status of Patients Graduated from Health Management Coaching (HMC) 2008 - 2010 PDF icon gif (PDF File 477 KB)

Brodie Preston, Restoring Health, St Vincent's Hospital and Melbourne General Practice Network, VIC

Glycaemic Control and Achievement of Treatment Targets in Type 2 Diabetes PDF icon gif (PDF File 454 KB)

Jane Varney, Restoring Health, St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne, VIC

Impact of the COACH Program on Coronary Risk Factors and Adherence to Recommended Medications in Indigenous and Nonindigenous Australians - A Queensland Health Perspective PDF icon gif (PDF File 2,257 KB)

Janine Wilson, Health Contact Centre, Queensland Health, Brisbane, QLD


Day 1: Three minute interactive poster presentations

1 - Katrina Adams

2 - Neroli Armstrong

3 - Neroli Armstrong

4 - Donna Bridge

5 - Eloise Buggy

6 - Amanda Cane

7 - Sandra Capron

8 - Lynn Cheong

9 - Helen Frayne

10 - Allison Williams

11 - Elizabeth Cornish

12 - Jane Desborough

13 - Trish Downes

14 - Janette Ellis

15 - Tracey Forster

16 - Tracey Forster

17 - Jenny Gowan

18 - Deb Bailey

19 - Jane Henty

20 - Jane Henty

21 - Maria Papastamos

22 - Libby Jewson

23 - Cathy Lee

24 - Carina Martin

25 - Janine Scott

26 - Emily Reeve

27 - Alison Short

28 - William Grant

29 - Robyn Stell

30 - Renee Stewart

31 - Christine Walker

32 - Susannah Wallman

33 - Julie Watson

34 - Judith Moore

Day 2: Plenary sessions

Health Related Aspects of Australian Economic Development PDF icon gif (PDF File 151 KB)

Prof Bob Gregory, Professor of Economics, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University, ACT

Developments in Disability Policy at the Commonwealth Level PDF icon gif (PDF File 156 KB)

Dr Nick Hartland, Group Manager, Disability & Carer Group , Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA), ACT

Australian National Preventive Health Agency PDF icon gif (PDF File 1,542 KB)

Dr Lisa Studdert, Acting CEO, Australian National Preventive Health Agency

Improving chronic disease outcomes for Indigenous Australian PDF icon gif (PDF File 2068 KB)

Prof Kerin O'Dea, Director Sansom Institute, SA

A Framework and Working Model for Integration of Care: Bridging Gaps Between Tertiary, Secondary and Primary Care Settings PDF icon gif (PDF File 6,290 KB)

Dr Jason Cheah, CEO Agency for Integrated Care, Singapore

Primary Health Care Reform: Improving Chronic Disease Management PDF icon gif (PDF File 414 KB)

Ms Leanne Wells, Acting CEO, Australian General Practice Network, ACT

Measuring the Performance of Chronic Disease Management Programs: Perspectives, Pitfalls and Possibilities PDF icon gif (PDF File 2,419 KB)

A/Prof Caroline Brand, Monash University, VIC

Free Radicals, a Key Link Between Nutrition, Lifestyle and Degenerative disease PDF icon gif (PDF File 1,589 KB)

Dr Ross Grant, University of NSW & Sydney Adventist Hospital, NSW

The Influence of Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour on Chronic Disease Management and Prevention PDF icon gif (PDF File 2,694 KB)

A/Prof David Dunstan, ARC Future Fellow and Physical Activity Laboratory Head, Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, VIC


Day 2: Concurrent sessions

Care for Indigenous and Older People

Better Hospital Care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People Experiencing Heart Attack PDF icon gif (PDF File 577 KB)

Greg Ford, Heart Foundation, Vic
Kelley O'Donahue, Heart Foundation, QLD

Chronic Care for Older Persons (NSW Health) PDF icon gif (PDF File 1,686 KB)

Susan Burke, Chronic Disease Management Office NSW Department of Health

Preventable Hospitalisations and Self-Management

Impact of Care Plans on Potentially Preventable Hospitalizations PDF icon gif (PDF File 1592 KB)

Dr Agnes Vitry, Quality Use of Medicines and Pharmacy Research Centre, University of South Australia, SA

Developing and Evaluating an Innovative Approach to Supporting Self Care in the English Health Service PDF icon gif (PDF File 1,224 KB)

Dr Anne Kennedy, Primary Care Research Group, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK


A Randomised Controlled Trial Evaluating the Effect of Patient Narratives on Self-efficacy and Selfcare Behaviour in People with Type 2 Diabetes Stage 1 Findings. PDF icon gif (PDF File 764 KB)

Christine Campbell, School of Population Health, University of Melbourne, VIC

Reductions in Diabetes Distress and Weight Following a Lifestyle Change Program for Type 2 Diabetics PDF icon gif (PDF File 187 KB)

Dr Nicki Gazis, Hospital Admissions Risk Program, Austin Health, VIC

Overcoming Barriers to Improved Long Term Outcomes in Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes in Community Health PDF icon gif (PDF File 762 KB)

Joanne Stanford, Yarra Valley Community Health, Eastern Health, VIC

Initiatives in the Private Sector

Impact of the COACH PROGRAM on Coronary Risk Factors and Adherence to Recommended Medications in Australians from Different Areas of Remoteness PDF icon gif (PDF File 436 KB)

Dr Umberto Boffa, Bupa Australia Group, VIC

Good Practice is Good Business: Reducing Health Insurer Costs by Implementing an Evidence-based Cardiovascular Risk Factor Modification Program - The Coach Program PDF icon gif (PDF File 226 KB)

Daryl Bull, nib Health Funds, Newcastle, NSW

Telephonic Health Behaviour Change: Realising the Outcomes PDF icon gif (PDF File 225 KB)

David Holloway, Medibank, NSW

Telemedicine and e-Health

Sharing Results of a Telehealth-enabled Chronic Care Management Service to Support People with Long-term Conditions at Home PDF icon gif (PDF File 378 KB)

Sara Shaughnessy, Healthcare of NZ Ltd, NZ

Facilitating Self-Management of Chronic Disease Through Home based Telemonitoring for Patients with CCF and COPD. PDF icon gif (PDF File 839 KB)

Suzie Hooper, St John of God Health Care, VIC

Quantitative Analysis of a Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Service Trial in the Hunter Region of New South Wales PDF icon gif (PDF File 356 KB)

David du Plessis, Hunter Nursing, NSW

Pharmacy, Medication Management, Adherence

Patient Preferences for Community Pharmacy Asthma Services: A Discrete Choice Experiment PDF icon gif (PDF File 771 KB)

Pradnya Naik Panvelkar, Faculty of Pharmacy,University of Sydney, NSW

Patient Goal Setting in an Asthma Disease Management Service PDF icon gif (PDF File 1,052 KB)

Dr Lorraine Smith, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sydney, NSW

Medication Adherence, Co-morbidities and Health Risk Impacts on Workforce Absence and Job Performance PDF icon gif (PDF File 327 KB)

Dr Linda Swan, Alere, Sydney, NSW


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