The Integrated Chronic Disease Management Online Clearinghouse is a resource to support the work of all providers of integrated chronic disease management programs and initiatives.


The Clearinghouse allows practical resources and tools, plus brief explanations of their development and use, to be uploaded to a website by their authors where others can then search and access them. It is intended to reduce the duplication of and increase and expedite access to practical unpublished tools and resources for all health services, as well as reduce the growing burden upon those health services running well-established and innovative chronic disease initiatives by providing an efficient mechanism for the sharing of their learnings and resources. The clearinghouse then provides a systematic and sustainable way for organisations implementing chronic disease programs and initiatives to be able to access the largely unpublished resources, tools and reports of work produced by other organisations providing chronic disease initiatives.


The Australian Disease Management Association (ADMA) has been funded by the Primary Health Branch of the Victorian Department of Health to develop the Clearinghouse.




The clearinghouse is moderated by ADMA. ADMA will review all resources and, using due process, either approve or deny publication of resource on the clearinghouse. Due process includes meeting the below criteria.
Criteria include the following:


     1.   The resource was produced under the auspices of a healthcare organisation including acute hospital, community health, primary care partnership, general practice body, medical specialty associations, relevant professional society, public or private organisation, government agency at the Federal, State, or local level. A resource developed and issued by an individual not officially sponsored or supported by one of the above types of organizations does not meet the inclusion criteria
      2.   The resource is submitted by the organisation that produced / authored it
      3.   There has not been a breach of privacy and confidentiality or copyright in submitting this resource
      4.   The resource does not provide an inappropriate commercial opportunity for an organisation or individual eg inappropriate commercial advertising
      5.   The submitter has reviewed these criteria and the disclaimer
Further to these criteria please note that ADMA reserves the right to liaise further with the submitter. ADMA also reserves the right to withhold any resource deemed inappropriate. All submitters will be notified of outcome.




Please note that items posted on this clearinghouse are not endorsed by ADMA. ADMA makes every effort to ensure the quality of material posted however does not take any responsibility for the ultimate accuracy or currency of opinions, advice and material posted by others on the Integrated Chronic Disease Management Clearinghouse. ADMA accepts material posted on the clearinghouse in good faith that the submitter has read and accepted the criteria for submission and has organisational approval for submission.